Manchu And Token Ride with Brother Ghost Rider From North County San Diego

The Shipyard Crew Sponsored a Charity Poker Run to honor Jenise Wright a local girl whose life was cut senselessly short. RIP Jenise The Iron Order keeps your memory in tact.

The Ladies of The Ship Yard Crew! IOM Ruthless and Jess

Ship Yard Crew First Chapter Dinner on 8/14 we also gained our first two prospects for our new chapter.

IOMC Region 6 Party 8/14! lots of brothers from the region were in attendance and many from other Regions came out to party with us! Good Times were had by all!!

Shipyard Crew Met this little Princess at the Columbia River Crew, Steadfast Crew,Ironclad co sponsored event for ALS and to support a Brother in Need. We were honored to be in attendance and support our IOMC Family and its Friends!!

Giving the Business to the Prospects and Hang Around's Alike! This isn't for everyone as iron sharpens iron you to must prove your metal!! IRON ORDER!!!

Shipyard Crew visited the 9/11 Memorial here is our backyard of Bremerton. This was an awesome stop and a must see for anyone in Washington!